Biodiversity conservation


In the field of development of biodiversity conservation legislation and procedures, the following tasks are envisaged by EU/UNDP project:

·   Comparative analysis of present national biodiversity conservation legislation with EU directives, in particular Council Directive 79/409/EEC on the conservation of wild birds  and Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora, to cover the gaps in the primary and secondary legislation and regulations ;

·  Technical training workshops will be arranged for both governmental authorities and wider public on streamlining Belarusian legislation with Birds and Habitats EC Directives and Bern Convention.

·   Study tours, devoted to wetland management for direction of protected area “Yelnya”, representatives of MNREP.

·  Study tours, devoted to ecotourism and environmentally friendly rural tourism development aspects at the specially protected natural areas, for both governmental authorities, representatives of MNREP and civil society structures.

The REPORT" The comparative analysis of provisions of the Bern Convention, relevant EU Directives and legislation of Republic of Belarus " (in Russian) see here.