Water management

The main goal of the project's watеr management activities is to progressively approximate Belarusian national water management legislation with the EU regulations.

Expected output of the water management component is establishment and effective enforcement of a comprehensive, socially-responsible and cost-effective environmental policy framework, which is approximated to European / international best practices, maintained as appropriate, involving the option of the civil society in its design and implementation stages in the field of water management.

Water management component consist of following activities.

Activity 1.1. Comparative analysis of present national water legislation in Belarus with relevant EU regulations. Gaps will be analyzed in the national water management legislation and regulations as compared with the relevant EU regulatory framework to ensure "good chemical surface water status". The result of the analysis will form the background for the development of the national approach to ecological status assessment of surface water bodies, including hydromorpological, chemical and biological assessment. A report will be compiled on the comparative analysis of the current national water legislation with the EU legal framework. Recommendations and proposals to cover the identified gaps will be proposed.

Activity 1.2. Formulating proposals for improvement of legal and institutional framework for water management in Belarus. The comparative analysis in activity 1.1 above, in turn, will enable the formulation of proposals for the enhancement of the legal and institutional infrastructure according to modern river basin management principles. The project will draft the proposals and organize broad discussions by means of disseminating the proposals among key stakeholders, including NGOs.  The feedback will be analyzed and a final list of recommendations and proposals on preparing draft regulations will be presented to MNREP taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Belarus on defining the type of legal acts and the level of legal regulation of social relations.

Activity 1.3. Organizing round tables on legal and institutional framework for water management in Belarus. The project will organize broad discussions with MNREP and other interested state, civil society stakeholders on the legal and institutional framework for water management in Belarus proposed in activity 1.2. Two roundtables will be organized.

Activity 1.4. Drafting primary and secondary legal acts lacking for proper water management in Belarus. The proposals prepared in activity 1.2 and discussed during activity 1.3 above will be further elaborated. The project will draft the legal acts needed to cover the existing gaps in the national legislation. The project will also prepare a draft national standard procedure on ecological status assessment of surface water bodies.

Activity 1.5. Organizing water management training workshop. The project will organize  a technical training workshop for MNREP, its regional structures and other stakeholders. The workshop will focus on the legal and institutional framework in Belarus and the EU and will identify remaining gaps and ways for further approximation of Belarusian water management framework to the best EU water management principles (by engaging a lecturer who is a professional in the relevant legal framework in the EU). It will also focus on the ecological status assessment of surface water bodies and river basin management structures for two watershed transboundary basins (Daugava-Neman and Pripyat-Dnepr) and will be held in one of the oblasts. The project will provide Belarusian decision-makers and water management project developers with an opportunity to learn from successful experiences in applying modern management principles for river basin and other surface water flows.

Activity 1.6. Organizing a study tour in the area of water management.  Hands-on experience from neighboring countries will be of special interest, therefore, in the scope of this activity the project will also support one study tour of Belarusian specialists to the country(ies) with transboundary basins. The study tour will give an opportunity to Belarusian specialists to build contacts with specialists in the area of water management from other countries. After the study tour Belarusian specialists will take part in a discussion organized in the scope of a training workshop planned in the Activity 1.5. They will share the information received and explain the main issues. 


Concept of approximation of national water management legislation of the Republic of Belarus with EU regulations, including surface waters quality assessment ( in Russian)


Report on comparative analysis of present national water management legislation in the Republic of Belarus with relevant EU regulations  ( in Russian).