Ecological certification


The main goal of the project's ecological certification activities is to integrate EU procedures and practices in ecological certification of products into Belarusian legislation



1. The project carried out comparative analysis of the Belarus legislation against EU legislation in the area of criteria and procedures for ecological certification of products and ecolabeling of packaging.


Materials considering this activity in Russian:

- The Concept of work on ecological certification see here;

- The Report «Comparative analysis of the Belarus and European Union legislation and practice on eco-labeling of products and packaging» see here.


Based on the gaps revealed from the results of this analysis, the project will prepare a report on proposals for the harmonization of system of ecological certification of products and submit proposals as to progressive approximation of current national technical legal framework with relevant EU technical regulations.


2. The project organizes broad discussions with interested state, civil society stakeholders and non-governmental organizations on legal and institutional framework for ecological certification in Belarus including ecolabeling of packaging.


Roundtable «Ecological labeling in Belarus and in foreign countries» was organized on 20 March in Minsk. The main focus of the roundtable was a review of the most successful practices of using ecological labels in the European Union and subsequent elaboration of the required regulatory framework in Belarus. The event was attended by more than 50 interested specialists including representatives of UNDP, EU, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, diplomatic missions, commercial companies, non-governmental organizations and mass media.


The news about this event  see here.


At least one more roundtable will be organized to discuss proposals on improving technical regulations developed within activity 1.


3. On the basis of the outputs of activity 1 and 2 above, the project will assist the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in drafting lacking technical regulations in the field of for ecological certification in Belarus and/or in drafting changes and amendments to be introduced in the current technical regulations.


4. In cooperation with relevant NGOs and international consultants the project will organize a training workshop on the issues of ecological certification in Belarus including ecolabeling of packaging to learn its implications and advantages. It is expected that this workshop will promote approximation of current Belarusian technical regulations and practices to those of the EU.