Aarhus centers

 Conducting a feasibility study for establishment of Aarhus centers at oblast level. The project will support MNREP and its local establishments, the Belarusian environmental NGOs, the general public, scholars / students and environmental protection professionals in reaching their objective of raising environmental awareness through an Oblast Aarhus Center deployed in one of the three oblasts where the aforementioned pilot projects will be implemented in the scope of component 2. For this purpose the project will conduct a feasibility study and suggest the most feasible location option for decision making by MNREP. Upon the result of this decision the project will negotiate with local authorities to cooperate in setting the local Aarhus Center office. The project will hire an international expert who is experienced in establishing Aarhus Centers in Eastern European countries to peer review the feasibility study report.

 Establishing a local (pilot) Aarhus center. The project will assist a respected OCNREP to establish such center as a pilot, equip it with necessary media and office facilities and make it fully operational. The project will assist in developing scope of work and annual plans, target group identification, organization of their activities and promotion of the Center. In addition to support of office equipment procurement the project will prepare drafts of provisions on and statute of the Local Aarhus Center.

 Training the Center's staff. The project will organize and conduct training of the Center's personnel. A specialist from an Aarhus Center office in Belarus will be involved to share his/her experience and educate the local Aarhus Center staff.

 Study tour for staffs of the Aarhus Centers of Belarus. The project will organize and perform a study tour for the personnel of the Aarhus Centers of Belarus. The tour will involve visits to at least two Aarhus Centers located in neighboring Central European countries. 



Convention on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to Justice in environmental matters see here. 


Job description of thematic consultant of Hhrodna Aarhus Center (in Russian) see here.

Draft of Regulation of Hrodna Aarhus Center (in Russian) see here.


Basic Aarhus Center staff training program (in Russian) see here.

The concept of preparing of amendments to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on public participation in decision-making on activities related to the environment and public access to information (in Russian) see here.


Economic Commission for Europe. Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on  Access to Information, Public Participation  in Decision-making and Access to Justice  in Environmental Matters. Fourth session. Chisinau, 29 June–1 July 2011. Item 5 (b) of the provisional agenda. Procedures and mechanisms facilitating the implementation of the Convention: compliance mechanism. Report of the Compliance Committee see here. 



The WEB site of Hrodna  Aarhus Center see here.