General information about the project

The main goal of the EU/UNDP project is to enhance the capacity of Belarus in strategic planning, policy setting and governance in the field of environment and environmental information. The project is intended to work with a broad range of international and local stakeholders. The European Union is the main donor of the project.


In the framework of the project will be performed:

1. Harmonization of environmental legislation with the EU body of environmental laws and best practices.
2. Ecological challenges through implementation of practical activities:


- launch of additional elements of full municipal solid waste management cycle in Masty (Hrodna Region) and Kobryn (Brest Region), including ensuring procurement and installation of municipal solid waste management equipment in Masty and Kobryn,

- updating and implementation of Yelnia Reserve Management Plan: development of the ecological tourism in the Yelnia Nature Reserve of International significance (Ramsar site), including development of ecopaths and visit centre, installation of water level monitoring equipment, purchase of marsh buggy for preservation activities,

- establishment of the regional Aarhus center,

- expansion of the network of “Green schools” in Miory, Kobryn, and Masty districts (support enthusiastic teachers to develop among children solicitous attitude to the nature, to show in practice how everybody can contribute in protection of the environment),

- development of the biodiversity database (the first one of this kind in Belarus) for scientists, nature amateurs (including participants of Green schools’ Programme) and decision-makers.

Under the EU/UNDP project the study of social and economic benefits from the potential biofuel production in the Chernobyl-affected areas will be done.


Project Brief in English

Project Document see here.