Miory Hosts Eco Fest and 7000 Cranes

Miory Hosts Eco Fest and 7000 Cranes

The second Eco Fest "Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District" was held in Miory (Viciebsk Region) yesterday. It was organized by the EU/UNDP project "Support to the development of a comprehensive framework for international environmental cooperation in the Republic of Belarus" jointly with the Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environmental Protection, the Miory Executive Committee, NGO "APB Birdlife" and with support from Coca-Cola Beverages Belorussiya FE.

Miory District is best known for its rich harvest of cranberries at Yelnya marsh. In addition, every year the Miory district becomes a "guest house" for more than 5000 cranes and 10000 geese which stop for rest at the Yelnya marsh during the autumn migration. These are two unique features which have attracted visitors to the annual co Fest "Cranes and Cranberries of Miory District".

As in the previous year, visitors to the farmstead at the Fest enjoyed local dainty cranberry cuisine: drinks, pastries, sweets and even sausages with cranberries! Also, ecological games were organized for children and adults, and a respectful jury chose the "Cranberry Princess of Miory" among local school girls.

Having already enjoyed the Fest in the centre of Miory town, visitors had an opportunity to watch thousands of cranes (ornithologists from "APB Birdlife" counted more than 7000) feeding during the daytime in the neighbouring fields. The number of free buses for the guests was increased because of the increased number of eco tourists from all Belarus: groups of school children from Minsk, representatives from environmental NGOs, photographers and mass-media, - everyone wanted to see this unique natural phenomenon.

The day before the Fest, a new ecological visitors' centre was opened at Yelnya Reserve, reconstructed and equipped by the joint EU/UNDP project. Here all eco tourists can explore interesting facts about the wildlife species of Yelnya marsh. For example, the black-throated diver (red book type) can hardy move on land, but feels very comfortable in water, and grey cranes are known for their faithfulness - they have one partner for life. The visitors' centre is equipped with interactive boards, games, stands, desks, and puzzles with QR codes.

- We are sure this visitors' centre will support the development of environmentally friendly tourism in Yelnya, increase awareness and disseminate information about the uniqueness of the natural marsh. And UNDP fully relies on your respectful work, dear friends of the media, for the information sharing process, - admitted Igar Tchoulba, UNDP Programme Analyst.

The event gathered representatives of UNDP, the EU Delegation to Belarus, the Ministry of Natural Recourses and Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, and diplomatic missions.

For further information, please contact Alena Sedach, EU/UNDP project PR Specialist, phone: +375 17 267-96-23, +375 044 786-55-56, e-mail:


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